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Some Words to Brighten Your Day

In collaboration with Whitefriars in Bloom, today Wise Words poets will be bringing poetry to Canterbury’s city centre.

Just for you, a poem will be born into existence amongst the hustle and bustle of the city centre. From 1pm today, the poets will handcraft a few words along the theme of ‘Summer in the City’ and they’ll make it personal to you in any way that you would like. Perhaps you would like a haiku, or for it to be set upon the backdrop of your favourite street in Canterbury, or to feature you eating cheese & onion pasties. Let your imagination roam free!

In the oasis of Whitefriars, you’ll find shops, spaces to have a sit-down, and stalls to browse. A place to unwind and enjoy your break from work. This is just a little something extra to brighten your day and we think it’s a wonderfully cheering way to kick off the rest of the afternoon.

Henry Madicott, one of the poets working on the project, told us ‘We’re bringing poetry and art to the heart of Canterbury hoping to get the community re-involved with the city’s literary heritage and providing something a little different to their day‘.

If you fancy crafting a few words yourself, you can join in on helping to create the Canterbury community poem, which will be a poem created by the passersby; a few lines, a word, or a whole stanza — the pad is yours.

This week the Wise Words poets will also have a handprint flower garden for kids to get involved with. It’s going to get messy, but they’ll have a whole lot of fun.

So I give you a new mission: go and find the poets, planted in the Whitefriar’s wooden bandstand. It will only cost you so much as a ‘hello’, and you’ll leave taking a new friend home with you (in poetry form).


For more on the ever-growing poetry scene in Canterbury, watch this short film by Anthropology student, poet and film-maker, Axelle Van Wynsberghe:


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