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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas in Canterbury

Valentine’s Day crept up on you, didn’t it? And now it’s here, and you need two things: a gift, and a plan. Fear not. We have the perfect solution.

1. Loved up couples crowding the window seats in your favourite cafés. Couples holding hands and staring longingly into each other’s eyes, not looking where they’re going along the narrow high streets. Feeding one another dessert, as if they didn’t already have enough happiness. EURGH.

If you’re feeling suitably misanthropic this Valentine’s day, the Alternative-Valentine’s Slam will give you opportunity to hear some poets battle it out in a war of words – each trying to convince you that being in love, in lust or being out of love entirely is the best state in which to be. Pick a team, and cheer them on.

2. Buy a huge desert in the Chocolate Café. Either solo or with a companion. Recite one another poetry and indulge yourselves with something chocolatey.  Or just eat a whole buffet of chocolates to yourself. You do you.

3. Brendon Cole from Strictly Come Dancing will be showcasing his moves at The Marlowe Theatre, shimmying alongside his guest dancers, a new leading lady, a 14-piece band and singers live on stage. It’s bound to feel a little steamy in there.

4. Do you feel like snuggling up with a movie? Why not see La La Land at Curzon cinema? Even the most begrudging anti-valentine’s day representative will get caught up in the nostalgia of this feel-good film.  And if they don’t, then they’re probably not the one and they have a heart made of charcoal and vampire teeth.

5. Have you been trailing the cobbles of Canterbury in search of your literary soulmate? Go Speed Dating at Waterstone’s. All you need to bring is your sparkling personality, and your favourite book, and then be prepared to chat to your partner for two minutes. Perhaps not War & Peace then….

6. Why not go late night swimming? Kingsmead leisure centre pool is open until 10pm. It’ll be fun, and silly, and you can show off your much undervalued underwater handstand capabilities to your date.

7. If you’re looking for some music, there will be a Blues Jam on at Bramley’s. If your vibe is America during the prohibition, this is the V-day venue for you. Drink fancy cocktails and sway to the rhythm of some of Canterbury’s best musicians.

8. If you truly can’t get enough of that loved-up feeling, Prose & will be hosting a Valentine’s Day themed storytelling event on Wednesday 15th February and the Chocolate café will be hosting a Chocolate and Wine tasting event on the 16th February.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Valentine’s certainly isn’t the best day of the year. There’s a lot of pressure. Saying that…can we please let this dessert, poetry and wine theme go on a little longer…?

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