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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Come Hither One and All

Photo credit: Matt Wilson

It is my humble duty, as your erendrake, to inform you of the most beauteous whooppubb descending upon Canterbury on July 8th. You may have noticed pictures of Kings and Queens in the eyethurls of tidliwink’s and shoppe’s alike and found yourself pitchkettled as to why. Well, do not be mubblefubbled, for I have the answer, and after you’ve heard it, you may just feel so overjoyed that you’ll lip clap a scroggling. Goodness knows I did – when I heard the news, it felt as though my very heart had turned into a blonk. Now I better get on with it or you shall be calling me a squiddle. (Glossary Below)

For the second year running, Canterbury is hosting A Medieval Pageant! With the main parade making its way through the town from Westgate Towers to the Marlowe, and a plethora of activities a-happening about the city throughout the day, July 8th promises to be a barrel-load of fun for all the family. Here are some top tips for the day as we come together to celebrate Henry II’s and Queen Eleanor of Aquitane’s Pilgrimage to visit the tomb of Thomas Beckett in 1174.

1) Don’t look like a fadoodle: If you want to take part in the parade itself, you’re going to need to look the part. Over one thousand people joined in last year, so get thinking about your costume! The Dressing Room in The Borough is offering a 15% discount for July 8th costumes – the code is MyCanterbury. Scout around the town for accessories too, the Oxfam near the library currently has a pretty phenomenal Medieval window display so #GoGetYourGoblets. Or, why not root around the wardrobe and see what you can find? I can’t be the only one who fell for the chain-mail craze of ’08.
But, if dressing up isn’t your thing, that’s okay – come and watch the splendour of it all. The parade will run from Westgate Towers (or near-by) at 11am and end at the Marlowe at 12.30am. Pop it in your bubble-bow’s.

Photo credit: Matt Wilson

2) Glop some well earned choc(olate): Make sure to pick up a Family Trail Leaflet from the Beaney and collect a stamp whenever you visit one of the places on the trail. There’s lots of fun activities happening across the city and if you get 5 stamps you can go and collect a giant chocolate coin from the Cathedral shop for free. No hufty-tufty, mind.

3) Iswonk your painting skills: Espression Arts on the Kings Mile will be open from 12-4pm welcoming kids to come and make their very own King and Queen puppets. With artists on hand to help, and teas, coffees and cakes on sale for everyone, it sounds like the perfect way to relax after galivanting about the town. Just try not to get paint under your flesh-spades, no one wants that.

Photo credit: Martin Crowther

4) Purfle the church with the sound of bells: Singing and bell-ringing a-plenty throughout the afternoon at St Peter’s Anglican church, with crafts to craft, refreshments to refresh and The Canterbury Gregorian Music Society to…sing! In fact, quite a few local churches are getting into the spirit on things – St Mildred’s and St Thomas’s will also be offering crafts and refreshments, as well as the chance to explore the beautiful buildings themselves and see Medieval artefacts and relics. Gosh, people who miss all this are going to be complete and utter winder-suckers.

Photo credit: Martin Crowther

5) Forage amongst the tuzzy-wuzzy’s : Make sure to visit Westgate Gardens for events throughout the morning and afternoon:
Archery 10am-2pm
A Wild Food Stand 10am-2pm
A Wild Food Guided Walk 11.30-1pm (book via Canterbury Ticket Shop) – you won’t find any lubber-word here!

With all this to see and explore (and more – make sure to keep your wink-a-peeps peeled for more events and goings-on) it’s going to be a really fantastic day – so don’t wrap this in hudder-mudder – tell all your friends and come along!

Photo credit: Matt Wilson

Glossary of Medieval Terms (in order of appearance)
Erendrake – Messenger
Beauteous – Beautiful
Whooppubb – Hubbub
Eyethurls – Window
Tidliwinks – Tavern
Shoppe – Shop
Pitchkettled – Puzzled
Mubblefubbled – Gloomy, Sad
Lip Clap – Kiss
Scroggling – A small, worthless apple left hanging on a tree after the crop is gathered
Blonk – A large, powerful horse
Squiddle – To waste time with idle talk
Fadoodle – Something foolish
Bubble-bow – A pocket-book
Glop – To swallow greedily
Hufty-tufty – to boast or gloat
Iswonk – To toil, to work on
Flesh-spades – fingernails
Purfle – Decorate or adorn
Winder-Suckers – An envious person
Tuzzy-Wuzzy – A collection of flowers
Lubber-word – Junk food
Wink-a-Peeps – Eyes
Hudder-Mudder – Secrecy

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