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Get competitive in Canterbury with these fun ideas

Canterbury isn’t the best place to train for the Winter Olympics. There are no mountains to scale, the cross-country skiing conditions are poor (an understatement) and nobody has, as yet, awarded me a gold medal for my attempt at figure skating at the 2016 Westgate Hall roller disco.

It’s fun to get competitive with friends now and then – but we have to adapt to what’s around us. So if you fancy doing something a little out of the ordinary with your friends, whether it’s a pub garden or a 15th-century medieval dungeon, why not try these ideas?

The Penny Theatre

A student favourite, The Penny Theatre offers free pool on Mondays, Karaoke nights on Thursdays, a pub quiz on Sundays, and a whole bunch of games that you can play amongst friends over some food and drink, including Cards Against Humanity and Risk. If that wasn’t enough, there’s Mario Cart, pool tables, and Table Tennis in the garden. If you’re feeling brave, you can even take part in a food challenge and win a t-shirt in the process.

Dice & Destiny

Dice & Destiny is an independent tabletop gaming shop with a strong local following. On Wednesdays you can join in on role-playing games and on Thursday there’s a board game evening for all to attend. Drinks and snacks are available to purchase too.

Ye Olde Beverlie

Fancy learning how to play a game of Kentish Bat and Trap? Visit Ye Olde Beverlie pub to play a game unique to Kent – just call ahead of time and they will set it up for you.

Escape in the Towers

It’s 1994, and you’ve stumbled across Dr Wellington’s abandoned laboratory at the former Canterbury Experimental Electric Company (formed in 1883). Dr Wellington is known to have based his controversial experiments in the treacherous cells of the former city gaol, which has since laid abandoned for 80 years, after his sudden and very mysterious disappearance. You have 60 minutes to escape.

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric setting of the Westgate Towers, in real, historic prison cells.

Try a new sport

Grab your bike and try joining in on a game of bike polo outside Kingsmead recreation centre – beginners are welcome on Tuesdays.
Not one for team sports? Race against the clock at the next Canterbury Park Run, a free 5km Timed Run.

The Lady Luck

Fancy something a little more grungy? Pop into The Lady Luck for some delicious food and some traditional (and well-loved) board games, and their arcades machine!

The Ballroom 

Join in on one of Mr.Pong’s pop-up ping-pong nights. Let the games begin!

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