An interview with local metal band, Hair Trigger

Last night we chatted to Will and Karl from Hair Trigger, who were performing at the Cherry Tree alongside Forever Everest, poet Alex Vellis, and beatboxer Kev Ridley. Hair Trigger is a nu-metal band, born and bred in Canterbury. Listen to our interview as Alex finds out more about what they’ve been up to.  

Why the name Hair Trigger, what made you choose that?

Karl: That’s one for me, It was named that before Will was in the band – it was, I don’t know – our vocalist came up with it off the top of his head, and it was better that what he had at the time. I think for him it was because his temper was quite fiery, and obviously, Hair Trigger has that analogy. I think that’s why he went for it.

Alex: Okay, so you’re not really that sure? *laughs*

Karl: No 100%. I believe the motto of the band could be ‘we’re winging it’.

Alex: You guys are from Canterbury aren’t you, or the surrounding areas?

Karl: Yeah, I grew up in Canterbury and moved back.

Will: – I’ve lived in Canterbury forever, yeah.

Will – Bassist

Alex: Do you guys tour around very much? Have you been around for a while?

Will: We were a band, and then there were some lineup changes and now we’re back. We’ve got the EP recording coming up, doing around Kent, so we’ve got gigs in Ashford and Deal and Canterbury coming up  – so I guess we’re a Kent-based heavy metal band.

Karl: That about sums it up.

Alex: What do you think of the gig this evening?

Will: We’re at the Cherry Tree, Canterbury. It’s a little bit last minute, but it’s good. We’ve got a great poet Alex Vellis opening up for us and a beatboxer called Kev Ridley. Then we’ve got Forever Everest supporting us who are indie metal, if that’s a genre.

Karl:—It’s different and it works, so it’s good.

Will: Then we’re finishing the evening with some proper old school heavy metal / nu-metal, but don’t think awful 90s bands (Linkin Park…) — we’ve got no decks!

Alex: So there’ll be no Limp Bizkit here then?

Will: Just for tonight, we might have some surprises in the set for that actually…just for tonight we might be doing a Limp Bizkit cover…we know the barman likes Limp Bizkit and a guy from Forever Everest so we’re going to chuck in some limp Bizkit

Alex: Oh dear…

Karl: Yeah it was 8 in the morning and he started doing the intro, then I jumped in — and then Jack jumped in and did what he could remember of the lyrics, and we thought ‘Yeah! We can do that song!’

Alex: So definitely not a Limp Bizkit cover band?

Will: Yes, just the one song for one time, unless it goes down really well…

Karl – Guitarist

Alex: And then suddenly, Hair Trigger: The Limp Bizkit Cover Band.
Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Will: We are recording our album in June, our first EP in June, then we have the launch party in September as long as everything goes well with the EP.

Karl: We’re Playing at the Attic with Feral Sun and— to be confirmed, we’re also supporting Stone Kings at the Walmer castle in Deal on August 25th. Then the 8th July we have another gig at the Attic.

Alex: Right, cheers guys!

Here’s Hair Trigger live at the Attic, Ashford:


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