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100 Things to See and Do in Canterbury

Visiting Canterbury? With the help of the residents of Canterbury, we have made a bucket list of things to see and do in this beautiful city.

How many have you done?

  1. Visit Canterbury Cathedral and see the shrine of Thomas St Becket


2. Visit St. Martins, England’s oldest parish Church


Oldest English Speaking Church

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3. Visit Joseph Conrad’s grave, author of Heart of Darkness


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4. Sing a hymn at Canterbury Cathedral


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5. Go punting along the river or have a historic river tour


Picturesque? Make the most of Canterbury’s summer and enjoy our top class guided tour! ?

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6. Try and put your arms around the 200-year-old Oriental plane tree at Westgate gardens


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7. Climb the historic Westgate Towers and see the old Gaol at the top of The Pound

8. Visit the remains of Canterbury’s Norman castle.

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9. Walk along the old city wall in Dane John Gardens

10. Visit the Canterbury Tales for some live action theatre


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11. See a play at the Marlowe Theatre & Marlowe Studio

12. Have a beer and play some board games in The Dolphin pub garden


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13. Say hello to the horse under the bridge at Whitehall Meadows

14. Visit Eastbridge Hospital, a welcoming place for pilgrims and visitors since 1190

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15. Go and see the Antony Gormley sculpture in the crypt of the cathedral

16. View Jason de Caires Taylor’s underwater sculpture, Alluvia (2008)

17. Have an Indian meal at the Ancient Raj

18. Hire a tandem and hit the local cycle routes

19. Visit the Good’s Shed for a fresh, hearty breakfast


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20. Play traditional Kent sport, Bat and Trap at Ye Olde Beverlie


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21. Take part in John.D.A.Hippsley’s Ghost Tour

22. Attend a local festival; Canterbury festival, bOing! festival, Wise Words festival, City Sound Project.


23. Drink a pigf***er in the Cherry Tree and dance to DJ Buttaphingaz

24. Admire some of the ancient buildings in the city. Walk to St. Mildred’s Church, the oldest church still standing within the city walls, or the Old Weaver’s house, a half-timbered building along the high street that once hosted Flemish weavers. From here it’s a short walk to see some fantastic houses along All Saints street.

25. Canoe or Kayak along the River with Canoe Wild at Fordwich – only a 40-minute walk from the city centre.


Perfect day for a paddle! BOOK NOW! #canoewild #visitkent #visitcanterbury

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26. Visit the Secret Garden (Greyfriars gardens), home to the oldest Franciscan Chapel in the UK and Wise Words festival

27. Try one of the 180+ Belgian beers at La Trappiste


28. Walk up the high mound in Dane John gardens and take a picture of the view

29. Sample locally made ‘Gypsy Tart’ at The Corner House

30. Take a photo alongside the Crooked Door of Catching Lives Bookshop on the King’s Mile


Crooked Bookstore ? #architecture #17thcentury #Canterbury

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31. Visit the mural on Love Lane

32. Have a relaxing pint in the Thomas Tallis Ale House.


33. Find the bull sculpture at Westgate Gardens

34. Play ping-pong in the pub garden of the Penny Theatre

35. Decorate your own pottery at Espressions art café

36. Watch the fresh fudge being made at the Fudge Kitchen

37. Visit one of Canterbury’s escape rooms and beat the clock


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38. Go to the Cathedral and at 5:30 pm every weekday and listen to the choir – free to the public

39. See the latest exhibition at The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge


40. Play pooh sticks on the bridge at Westgate Gardens

41. Visit St. Augustine’s Abbey ruins

42. Pay a free visit to the Kent Museum of Freemasonry

43. Borrow a dog and explore Blean Woods. Go bird watching and attempt to spot a Long-billed Dowitcher.


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44. Take a peep into The Saracens Lantern Antiques

45. Head to an open mic night at The Ballroom

46. Visit the Hambrook Marshes and sit by the lakes


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47. Join in on an Abbotts Mill conservation project

48. Buy an ancient second-hand book at the Chaucer Bookshop

49. Walk through Lady Wooton’s Green

50. Go to an open mic poetry night at the Chocolate café

51. Have a picnic by the river in Solly’s Orchard


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52. Walk to the historic Chilham village

53. Try a vegan ‘bacon’ cheezeburger at The Monument

54. Explore the willow maze near Hambrook Marshes

55. Buy a record at one of Canterbury’s independent record stores


56. Go to the Jazz or Blues night at Bramleys Cocktail Bar


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57. See the latest exhibition at the Sidney Cooper Gallery

58. Walk the Canterbury Sculpture Trail

59. Go to a life drawing class at Conquest House gallery

60. Spot a nun or a monk walking through the city centre

61. Have an old fashioned high tea in the Moat Tea Rooms

62. Check out the statue of Chaucer on Canterbury high street

63. Visit one of Canterbury’s many vintage stores such as Revivals or Funky Monks

64. Enjoy an absolutely enormous portion of chips at Ossies Fish Bar


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65. Have a drink in The Parrot, one of the oldest pubs in Canterbury

66. Dance to some utter cheese and be entertained by some drag performances at Glitterbomb

67. Admire some art in the Lilford Gallery


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68. Check out the art murals along the underpass at Rheims way

69. Eat strange multicoloured American cereal at the all day cereal bar at Chromos

70. Go to an open lecture at the University of Kent

71. Visit the clock tower of St. George’s Church, where Christopher Marlowe was baptised. The clock tower is all that survived a German air raid in 1942.

72. Visit the Cathedral archives and read some Anglo-Saxon charters

73. Grab some street food in Whitefriars shopping area


74. Take a peek at the old witch’s dunking seat next to the Old Weaver’s house

75. Have petit dejeuner in Cafe St Pierre

76. Sit in the butterfly garden and enjoy some peace and quiet

77. Experience a master class in bread or pasta making at Canterbury Baking School

78. Try a cactus burrito at Club Burrito

79. Visit the street market on St George’s street on Wednesdays and Fridays

80. Walk or cycle along the Crab and Winkle way to Whitstable


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81. View artist Sidney Cooper’s paintings of Canterbury in the Beaney House of Art & Knowledge

82. Chant with the Hare Krishnas at West Track Studios (or on the beach at Whitstable)

83. Visit the labyrinth at the University of Kent

84. Take part in the pub quiz at The Unicorn

85. Watch people playing football, cricket or Quidditch in Beverley Meadows

86. Brighten up your wardrobe with a trip to Siesta


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87. Visit and take some pictures of the cathedral gate at the old Buttermarket

88. Go dancing in Club Burrito. Learn Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba tunes and sample some tequila shots.

89. Have some freshly made sushi at Mr. Miyagi

90. Go to a drive-in film screening at The Gulbenkian


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91. Experience some fine dining at Deesons or The Ambrette

92. Swim some lengths and go in the jacuzzi at Kingsmead Leisure Centre


93. Buy some unique handmade jewellery at Canterbury Glass Art on Palace street

94. Have a chocolate feast at The Chocolate Café


95. Try a super strength coffee at the Micro Roastery

96. Go to the open mic night at the Black Griffin on Thursdays


97. Try on a next-level fancy dress outfit at The Dressing Room

98. Visit the Westgate Hall farmer’s market

99. Stop and listen to the buskers as you walk along the high street

100. Have a well-deserved rest and lie down on the grass in the sun at Bingley island.


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