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14 Reasons to Love Winter in Canterbury

1. It’s an excuse to hole up in cafés for hours, or potentially days, at a time. ‘Tis the season of sitting in the Chocolate Café wrapped up in blankets, drinking gallon upon gallon of hot chocolate. Choco-bliss.

2. The Christmas lights. Draped over the city, they turn the high street into a gorgeously festive fairy light kingdom. This Thursday the 17th there’ll be live music and entertainment as the lights get switched on for the first time this year. This also means that the onset of Christmas music is inevitable (whether you like it or not!).

3. The Marlowe theatre will be putting on their world famous pantomime, Dick Whittington.

4. It’s the time to wade through crispy coral and apricot leaves in Blean woods, Chaucer Fields, or along the Crab and Winkle Way.

5. HELLO, JUMPER COLLECTION. Cosy, cottony, and great for covering up the fact that you’ve been drinking gallon upon gallon of hot chocolate.

Winter also provides the annual opportunity to wear your tastefully ironic Christmas jumper that looks as if it’s time-travelled from the 80s.

6. In Whitefriars there will be Christmas markets with over 40 stalls, a chance to meet the real-life-actual Father Christmas and Christmas carols. There’ll also be an artisan Christmas fair at the Canterbury Tales, including yarning, knitting, wooden crafts, scrumptious food, and lively costume characters.

7. It gets dark at 5pm and then the evening can truly begin. Going to the pub 5pm in the summer? A bit early; you’ve got half the day left yet.

5pm in the winter? Totally not too early.

Whether it’s going for a pint and a pub quiz, or to one of the many open mic nights, poetry slams or jam nights, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do in Canterbury.

8. Walking through the narrow cobbled streets in the evening twilight can make you feel as if you’re a protagonist in a medieval fairytale.

9. Now that it’s no longer peak tourist season, you no longer have to navigate your way through seas of curious looking tourists taking the same picture of the cathedral from outside Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop. Also, the wintry weather makes the cathedral look very gothic and mysterious.

10. Winter is the season of theatre and cinema; it’s all about snuggling up and getting cosy in front of a feel-good film. Lounging on the sofa seats at Curzon or screenings at the Gulbenkian seems all the more inviting now. Also, as much as we miss the beach weather, it’s much, much less effort than going to a BBQ.

11. Everywhere smells of woodsmoke. Mmmmmmhmmm. It also smells of…reindeer meatballs?!

12. Christmas shopping isn’t the least bit stressful, because all of the shops are within a 15 minute radius. The job’s done in an hour, and Canterbury has everything you need: independent shops, Fenwick’s, alternative clothing and plenty of options for gifts and presents; from a pet snake to a first edition book from the nineteenth century.

13. Carol services at Canterbury cathedral. Is there anything quite as magical?

14. Seeing people give their time to help one another, whether it’s in the form packing food parcels for the food bank in the run up to Christmas or setting up charity markets to give to those who are in need.

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